Never Quitters

How can athleticism affect positively your inner state of mind?

Sweat does not mean necessarily exhaustion when you practice your favorite sports. Sweat can be the mean to mental transition in order to set your mindset towards any obstacles which detain you from reaching the upper cause of touching great values of anthropism and fair play in every aspect of human living.

However, everyone chooses to work out for different reasons and test the limits of its endurance. We can distinguish three different types of trainees. The ones that are fanatics with all types of challenges and work out under hard conditions, bad weather, rain, mud or wind in order to impose their will against nature’s particularities.

The other special category are the ones who want to build the ideal body and are attracted from their personal image. These athletes work more motivated from aesthetics and less from the need to surpass their limits and discover the ethos of never quit mentality in everyday living.

Finally, the last category is formed from people who need guidance in order to pursue performance, that is why they need strict rules from their trainers in order to praise themselves with any kind of distinguish among others by participating in competitive tournaments.

If we had to question anyone from each of the above categories would probably tell us that sports and work out gives him the fundamental physical activity that makes him happier and energetic, while supercharging his immune system.

However, the deep meaning of all this effort is to cross over this basic level of working out and get into the real creative way of thinking that body action elevates not only the body but our mind too. The creativity is the key to transition. The transition state of mind is when you realize that all barriers can be broke and performance is about giving your soul to experience upper values apart from the satisfaction of winning a game or getting a distinction for a certain presence or a victory in a play.

That is what GSA wants to incorporate in its positioning and inherit to everybody who would love to feel connected to our brand, the mindset of excellence towards constant evolution physical and mentally.  Our core value of Never Quit is the key to development. Along our way we will all face innumerous challenges and obstacles that will test our faith, we won’t fall, we will persist, we will stand still and focus to the beliefs of motivation and never-ending exaltation. The journey will be full of dangers and traps, but we will be determined to spread our values globally. Your life is a gift, do not waist it with mediocracy and compromise, the motto is simple and solid: Never Quit, that is what athleticism is all about, that is what GSA wants to diffuse as a message to all its potential ambassadors.

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