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Detox: Facts & Myths

Shedding away body toxins is not a new thing. Detox roots thousands of years ago. People used it as a purification practice or fasting method, due to religious factors. Moreover, doctors started using it as a part of treatment procedures, adding enemas or certain abstinence to the picture.

Nowadays, a great debate has grown around the method, often mistreating it as a cure for everything.

“Detox helps weight loss”


You may see a difference in the scale. That is because of the water or muscle mass loss. Once you go off the diet, your original weight will go back up.


“Detox cannot become a habit”


Detoxing through fasting and/or cleansing too often can shock your body, causing slow metabolism and leading to different results.


“Detox is through juices and/or soups”


Although juices and soups are made from fruits and vegetables, they contain high quantities of sugar and salt, low quantity of fibers and low amount of proteins, muchly needed for the proper function of the body.


“Detox through loads of water”


Drinking sufficient water daily is highly recommended.


Don’t starve yourself just by drinking water. Also, excessive consumption of water may lead to poisoning.


“Detox as a diet”


Detoxing is not dieting. That is a common misconception, since they don’t share the same goal. Proper detox can boost a diet and overall health, but cannot assure weight loss.

Detoxing is, in fact, a natural process performed constantly by the organism in order to flush away all toxins from the human body. Of course, there are ways, to further help your body, such as food rich in antioxidants, fluids, exercising and supplements and even massages. But, as everything, it should be done in moderation in order not to affect your energy & hydration level, internal system and overall health. Now that you have all the significant facts, you can proceed with caution.

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