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Diet is not about starving

Whether is about a school reunion, summer ante portas, graduation time, dating season… there’s always that one occasion where you want to shine bright all dressed up & elegant in your fit-form ensemble.

Occasions like these, actually can be really stressful and sometimes even toxic for the human mind pushing people to extremes, such as intense workouts, strict diets or even self-starvation methods.

Often, what at first seemed as a positive goal turns into an obsession that puts physical and mental health into risk.

First things first, let’s see why flash diets fail.

  1. It’s done out of context, following inaccurate methods that don’t guarantee results in the long run.
  2. It’s treated as temporary change not as a lifestyle habit, overall.
  3. The aforementioned lead to disappointing –if none- result, causing frustration to the dieter, who will soon give up and return to original state.

The term “diet” derives from a Greek word, which is used to describe an overall healthy lifestyle that contains habits and choices that assure physical & mental fitness.

Having said these, achieving long-term weight loss success comes down to making changes that can be maintained in the long-term.

So, the goal shouldn’t be weight-loss but a healthy living.

  1. Not for the way you look, but for the way you feel.
  2. Food intake. Look out for quality in your food, don’t count calories.
  3. Never quit. Take your friends out to dinners, go on a vacation, bake a batch of cookies. Don’t give up, don’t spiral back. Enjoy it and get back on track!

Eat & Stay Fit

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