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“Wellness” is one of the most commonly used term of the contemporary era, owing a big part of its emergence to the massive promotion of fitness lifestyle. Frequently, is mistaken with well-being or healthy habits. In fact, there is a difference between health and wellness. While, health is a state of being referring to physical, mental, and social well-being, wellness is the state of living a healthy lifestyle aiming to enhance well-being.

In this context, developing healthy eating habits has a profound effect on overall wellness. Eating well contributes to physical and mental fitness. Also, it immediately affects the likelihood of developing disease and even one’s self-confidence.

Follow our memorable YES & NO list, and make sure you’re doing the best for yourself.


  1. wide assortment of foods derived from plants, for all the nutrient ingredients
  2. choose whole fruits over juice for more fiber
  3. O3 fats from fish and nuts to reduce heart disease risks
  4. potassium, for lower blood pressure
  5. calcium from low-fat or nonfat dairy products and fortified foods
  6. water and herbal tea, for better sleep and increased energy levels
  7. enjoyment of food, social cooking and eating with others


  1. highly processed foods, foods with high amounts of added salt and sugar
  2. oversized portions, small packages containing more than one serving
  3. refined carbohydrates
  4. saturated fats boost LDL (“bad”) cholesterol.
  5. excess sodium raise blood pressure
  6. camouflaged liquid calories
  7. higher intake of alcohol

Wellness is important because all our actions and emotions relate to our physical and mental fitness. Following, our overall fitness affects all we do and feel. Like an ongoing circle, feeding each other. Try to stay positive, aware of your lifestyle and conscious of your choices in order to lead a healthy, long, fit life.

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