Gear it Up

Feeling moody? Walk it out!

First thing in the morning, at the end of full day of work, before or after meals, late in the night… walking is the only thing that not applies at all times but, also, benefits your mental and physical health.

A simple walk is not just good for your body– the way you think and feel changes too!

That is due to the fact that the brain releases endorphins, chemicals that actually makes you feel good. At the same time, more hormones are produced that improve sleep quality, help release muscle tension and reduce inflammation.

Moreover, a fair 30-minutes of walking give you the time to think, reflect and “reboot”. Combining a healthy activity along with personal time, can help you organize your thoughts, prioritize your tasks and develop a sense of purpose.

All good, but what happens when you need that bit of extra motivation to get off the couch?

Turn walking to a social event

Invite your friends to walk together or try making new friends from the fellow “walkers” around you.

Regular activity with others builds a sense of belonging, and reduces feelings of loneliness. These things play a key role in preventing depression and reducing anxiety.

Follow a “one-day-at-a-time” plan

If you find it too challenging to walk half an hour at one time, start by doing smaller bouts a few times per day and gradually build up to until you reach your fitness goal. From there, you can set new goals related to intensity, distance or time.

Walk the dog

Adopt a dog, walk your friend’s or volunteer as a walker at the nearby shelter. There’s a reason why the beloved animal is called a man’s best friend. You’ll have a great time, do a nice thing and benefit yourself, all in one!

Build walking in your daily routine

Walk to the nearby shops, get off the bus one stop earlier, take the stair to your office, walk the room as you catch up with your people on the phone… only to name a few opportunities that you can exploit during the day.

Treat yourself

If you need that extra bit of motivation, treat yourself by buying that perfect outfit for outdoors, that will provide you with style. Add a techy gadget -like a digital pedometer- to measure your steps throughout a day and compare it to other days.

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