Expertise that determines the athletic performance

Sports and performance are for us two concepts entirely connected. We know that choosing the right sportswear is a critical decision for many athletes and it can affect their performance. As a result, we design and produce clothes and accessories, always keeping in mind every athlete who wants to achieve his goals and constantly aim for better results.

Our passion and our goal are to constantly discover and apply in all of our products improved techniques and advanced innovations. Our Research & Development department is constantly researching and testing new ideas and alternatives to improve our materials and to gradually replace them with even more sustainable and durable ones.

As a result, we have created the following patents that identify the products and fabrics we use.

Learn more about our innovations and their application in our products:

GSAHYDRO[+] is applied where tight application of clothes and moisture management of the body, are highly needed. A GSAHYDRO[+] garment is made of fabrics and other materials that allow the proper application to the skin while keeping it dry and cool during exercise.

The special knitting of the fabric allows the skin to breathe, while the ergonomic seams allow an even greater range of motion, but also offer a comfortable fit. The antiperspirant fabric enables athletes to complete any exercise undisturbed from external conditions.

GSAAERO[+] promotes freedom of movement, a great necessity for the athlete. All products marked with GSAAERO[+] are made using perforated fabrics of the latest technology, that quickly absorb sweat, allowing the air to circulate the body, during exercise.

With a lightweight design, it is ideal for outdoor exercise, as it allows the fabric to maintain the necessary contact with the skin without sticking to it. Therefore, clothes protect the athlete without causing any discomfort.

With GSAAERO[+] the agility of the body is significantly improved and thus performance is enhanced.

GSAHEAT[+] is featured on our high-performance technical fabrics that contribute to the management of natural body heat. It provides absolute insulation and protection from low temperatures, and at the same time, it features a water-repellent coating for a dry feel, especially in humid conditions.

It is applied to our thermal products, as well as to coats, to maintain body temperature, regardless of external conditions, at all the right levels. It can be combined with other clothes, either as a clothing base to maintain body temperature or as an overcoat to protect against adverse conditions.

We respect, we recycle, we repeat. From the beginning of our creation, we felt the need to state that sustainability and love for the environment is our starting point, it is the basis of what we do. R3 is our trademark that confirms the circular and repetitive practices by which we choose to operate. It is our way of confirming the implementation of best practices, based on protecting the environment while respecting the following:

Respect: the environment we live in

Recycle: use of recycled materials

Repeat: respect and recycling are repeated throughout the production process, resulting in sustainable products of high quality and advanced know-how.

And this cycle never stops…

The trademark ORGANICPLUS[+] ensures the use of 100% natural, organic cotton. Organic cotton is soft, durable, hypoallergenic, and completely sustainable, as the use of toxic chemicals or GMOs (genetically modified organisms) in its cultivation is prohibited, resulting in a fabric not only completely friendly to humans but also to the environment.

The numbers speak for themselves since when choosing an organic cotton garment instead of a conventional one, your action will eventually keep the soil and air clean, using 88% less water and 62% less energy. In other words, it is the best investment for sports activities but also the environment.

GSABAMBOO[+] is another verification of our commitment to sustainability. Bamboo fibers have thermoregulation properties, i.e., to keep the body cool during summer and warm in winter. Bamboo fabric is proven to be 40% more absorbent than even the best organic cotton, while keeping the body dry, reducing moisture almost instantly.

As it is a natural product, with antibacterial properties, it repels odors and significantly reduces the chances of skin irritations, allowing the athlete to feel fresh during exercise.

Our clothing marked with our SUPERCOTTON trademark is made using the best quality cotton, by at least 80%. What does this mean? During the processing of cotton, the longest and thinnest fibers are selected, which later create stronger, softer, and finer threads. The result is cotton fabrics with a very soft feel, which allow the body to breathe while the product repels sweat, offering greater comfort during exercise.