Changing the world

GSA was born from our passion for sports and our love for the environment! Thus, we created a sportswear brand of advanced technology and performance, using sustainable materials and environmentally friendly methods.

2008 was the year that everything began. We started with a small category of products that many ignore or even take for granted, which however remains extremely important and necessary for athletes. This category is performance socks of high standards, made specifically to cover the needs of everyone. But can something so small make such a big difference? And yet it can!

We intended to grow bigger since GSA means Global Sustainable Athletics, which stands for sustainable sportswear for the whole world. We have gradually evolved into an international brand of sports clothes and accessories, specifically designed for everyone who loves sports and enjoys movement, using sustainable materials and methods that respect the environment.

Was it easy? Not really. Did we face any obstacles? We still do. Our secret?

Never Quit. Do not give up until you get where you want.

So, until we get exactly where we want, we will tirelessly continue to innovate all every stage of design, development, and production, showing everyone that high quality can be perfectly combined with sustainable materials.

We still have a long way to go, but it’s great to try for something big!

Turning our passion into products

We always learn, think and design, to create products that will accompany all athletes in their special moments and be part of their unique stories.

Our products are the fruit of both creative and methodical people, and this magical combination means that whatever emerges from our brainstorming, from the mood boards and the sketches are viewed as an essential detail. All the above define us and determine our every step.

We Love Athleticism

For us, life means movement. At GSA, our goal is that in any type of movement someone chooses in their life, to have the corresponding and appropriate high-quality clothing that will offer comfort, soft feel, and enhance their performance.

We Constantly Look for Innovation

Already having 7 trademarks that identify the characteristics of our clothes and fabrics, we are constantly looking for innovation, applying our know-how, and developing our ideas.

We are constantly optimizing our methods to offer high-performance products in combination with sustainability.

We Choose Sustainability

We must change our habits and choose to adopt new, sustainable solutions. At GSA, most of the materials we use consist of: recycled plastic bottles, polyester waste, natural materials such as organic cotton and bamboo. Our goal is to reach 100% in every action.

How We Imagine Our Future

To continue to inspire, to create, to design, to move, and to live. To create the largest and most sustainable community in the world!

To continue to offer more and more sustainable products, of high aesthetics, excellent quality, and the latest technology.

Constantly evolving, looking for improved materials and fabrics, innovations, updated technologies.

Our goal is to never give up!

Never Quit….from then until today

2008: GSA is born, creating the 1st complete collection of high-performance sports socks.

2013: The 1st complete sustainable sportswear collection from GSA is now a reality.

2016 & 2017: We participate and get distinguished as a “vision brand” in ISPO, the largest sporting goods exhibition in Europe.

2017: We become sponsors of sportswear and official appearances in all sections of the Greek National Basketball Team.

2018: We create and distribute worldwide the 1st collection of clothes with the brand “Greek Freak” in collaboration with Giannis Antetokounmpo.

2019: Presence in the Basketball World Cup of China with the participation of the Greek National Team.

2019: We upgrade the e-shop and we now sell and ship on a worldwide level.

2019: We launch GSA1, our first sneaker, made from recycled plastic disposable (PET) bottles.

2020: We sign a three-year collaboration with Olympiacos BC and PAOK BC as official sponsors of their appearances.

2021: We start our three-year collaboration with BC Zalgiris Kaunas as official sponsors of their appearances.

And we go on…